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Our Promise

We understand that you want more from your shopping experience – more personal attention, more style, more value, more service and more fun. You have a passion for good things in your home, so our commitment is to search for the best selection, value and quality merchandise and to supply a personal and fulfilling service right to your Host's front door. Our friendly, knowledgeable Independent Stylists are always here for you and are committed to delivering a shopping experience you will remember. In the end our promise is simple: We want to make sure that your home looks great and you are proud of it.

We’re Lorraine Lea, simply home!


Enrich life

At Lorraine Lea, enriching your life is our philosophy. We provide inspiring business and career opportunities for driven individuals who want to take control of their lives and have a lifestyle most people can only dream of.

Our Independent Stylists work their own hours, are successful business owners and enjoy one of the party plan industry’s highest party averages at over $1,000.


Founded in 1986 by Peter and Heather Ryan out of their backyard garage in Melbourne’s south-east, the first Lorraine Lea linen and soft-furnishings range was born. At the time, only a hand full of our Independent Stylists were throwing parties, but even in the early days we knew it was our mission to keep on partying until the Lorraine Lea name reached every home in Australia.

30 years later, their son, Adrian Ryan is at Lorraine Lea’s helm and has brought the company from the traditional party plan model to the total social shopping experience you will find at today’s Lorraine Lea parties.

Lorraine Lea now holds an excess of 40,000 parties and sells to over 300,000 customers, with over 1,300 Lorraine Lea Independent Stylists in all states and territories across Australia.

Lorraine Lea is an active member of the DSA (Direct Selling Australia), abiding by the association’s code of practice and providing opportunities within the Australian community. For more information on this, please go to directselling.org.au.


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