caring for your linen

Here are our favourite tips to ensure your Lorraine Lea products last longer


•    Wash sheets separately before use to soften them and to remove any excess dye.
•    Change sheets regularly (at least every seven days) to avoid discoloration and to promote a healthy night’s sleep.

•    To preserve the colour and strength of your sheets, wash in cold or warm water only.

Quilts & Underlays

Not all quilts and underlays are machine washable so refer to the care label on the product for specific instructions.

•    Clean quilts and underlays once every four to six months, following the care instructions on the item when you do so.
•    Shake and fluff your quilt every morning when you make your bed. This will circulate air through your quilt and help evenly distribute its filling.
•    When machine washing your bedding products, ensure that your washing machine is large enough to comfortably hold your item to allow the water to circulate.

Quilt Covers

All quilt covers in the Lorraine Lea range can be gently machine washed, but it’s important to see individual care instructions for advice on tumble drying and ironing.

• Wash quilt covers separately before use to remove any residual dye.
•    Using a top sheet will keep your quilt cover cleaner.
•    If ironing your quilt cover is an issue, opt for synthetic fibres or poly/cotton blends, as they require either no ironing, or far less ironing than 100% cotton quilt covers.


All Lorraine Lea pillows come with detailed care labels. Please ensure these are followed carefully, as instructions vary from pillow to pillow.

•    The most effective way to care for your pillow is by using a pillow protector. A pillow protector adds an extra layer between you and your pillow and prevents oil, hair products, moisturisers, and other items from staining your pillow. It’s easier to wash your pillow protector than your pillow.


•    Always wash towels before the first use to increase absorbency.
•    High quality towels will take up to 10 washes to calm excess fluff.
•    If you wash your bathroom floor with strong chemical based cleaners, be sure to rinse the floor with water to avoid the cleaner deteriorating or bleaching the back of your bath mat.

Keep your Lorraine Lea towels in perfect condition with a little bit of love and care. Here are our top dos and don’ts to make sure your towels stay fresh and fluffy for years to come.


  • Use a 40°c gentle machine wash when washing your towels.
  • Wash like colours together.
  • Wash dark coloured towels on their own.
  • Attend to stains immediately with oxygen based stain removers.
  • Keep bleach containing products stored away from towels to avoid stains.
  • Fill your top loader with water and detergent before adding towels to the wash to avoid potential bleaching.
  • Occasionally deep clean your towels on a warm to hot cycle (60c) to remove bacteria and oils.
  • Add a cup of white vinegar to every few washes to keep your towels soft and absorbent.
  • Line dry your towels in the shade.
  • Tumble dry your towels for a few minutes when they are almost dry off the line to maximise their softness.
  • Give your towels a good shake before folding and storing them.
  • If you are tumble drying your towels, dry on a medium to warm setting and ensure they are completely dry before storing in your linen cupboard.


  • Dry clean your towels.
  • Use detergents or stain removers with optical brighteners on coloured towels.
  • Use bleach to clean towels.
  • Overcrowd the washing machine when washing towels.
  • Use silicone based fabric softeners and conditioners. These will repel water and will reduce the absorbency of your fluffy towels.


•    Wash fabric-based tableware separately before use to remove any residual dye.
•    Store tablecloths and runners on padded hangers in a closet, or fold and stack on a shelf. Make sure the space is well ventilated.

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